Can I make node at local disk drive or only phisical HDD independly?

Is it possible to make partition on my drive C: and use it for storage? For example I have 8TB HDD. I make partition for me about 1TB and other 7TB I will give for node. Is this correct way or I will get any errors or system will be impossible to run properly?

Hi @X64win
There’s no need to partition if you don’t want to. Just make a folder in the root of C: and then assign that as the data storage directory.


Personally, I would recommend to create a partition. As its Windows it will at some point require chkdsk to perform for checking file integrity. During this check drive is locked and since its just 1 drive (C) it will check the disk on next restart. During this check you cannot use your computer for any other work.

If you create another partition D then you can let the chkdsk run while you can check your emails, watch netflix or use any programs stored on C drive. IIRC the chkdsk during restart doesn’t show detailed progress while command prompt gives more details results.

The bigger the storage used the longer it takes for chkdsk to complete which could be days.