Can i schedule a maintenance while my online rate is 95.96% ? (online node)

Hello dear all ! :slight_smile:

I have only 95.96% at the lowest, online rate value my node is online and fully working. I have to schedule a migration from raspberry pi to supermicro server. In this migration it would be a final “cold / container stopped” rsync copy permitting to resynchronize the differential of the whole 6TB data to the new platform.
I don’t have any idea of the time requiered to resynchronize the final differential, maybe i could run a dry test with rsync to determine the downtime duration. maybe 3-4 hours or more i don’t know !

Could i schedule this maintenance with only 95.96% online rate and avoid to be disqualified ?

PS : sorry for this online rate (downtimes) it was due to my ISP… :sleepy:

You can be offline for 288 hours in the last 30 days and not get disqualified. So go ahead, nothing is going to happen. Good luck with the migration