Can I use any config.yaml setting in Docker run command?

Is it possible to use any setting in config.yaml in the Docker run command?
For example: server.private-address:

You can use these flags:

docker exec -it storagenode ./storagenode run --help

If you specify them as a command line arguments (i.e. they should be after the image name in the docker run command), they will have a precedence above parameters in the config.yaml
See storj/entrypoint at 7afdb15fc872e555ed7b5ef6a43405d2f5a617f0 · storj/storj · GitHub for reference.

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I have just used this for the first time and it seems to work. :slightly_smiling_face:

Do I need quotes around the string, like --server.private-address ""?

That depends on the shell you are using. Usually only if the parameter contains characters that have some meaning for your shell.

Refer to the documentation of your shell for details.

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