Can I use same identity token to run another node

hello forum.
can I use my identytoken to get some more nodes online with the same token?

Nope. You need a new token and a new identity for a new node. If you’ve used your token you can request a new one with the same email address.

Please note that you should have a good reason to run more than one node. Either multiple locations (IPs) or multiple HDD’s you want to share one per node. One IP will get the same amount of traffic and storage, no matter how many nodes run behind it. So starting multiple nodes will add computational overhead and congestion without giving an advantage. Less is more.


I’ve been reading lately that it’s better to run more than 1 node to have the reputation built over time and easily expand on storage later when real traffic will happen.

I currently have 1 identity … can i run 3 nodes with that identity? Or do i need one for each node? And if i need one for each node, how would i go about getting an invite?


No you cannot run more then one node with only one identity you need to sign up for an identity for each node.

Its the same way you got the first one.


Hi @raulp
This is if you going to run multiple nodes from the same computer.

When you get your new invite and start to generate identity and signing, give it another name then storagenode, do storagenode1 or somerhing to your liking.

Otherwise you cant create new identitet or worst case owerwrite the old identity if you havnt moved them already from the folder.

You Will need to open a new port in your router and add in firewall if needed.

If you use docker use the same name for the node as you used to generate the identity just to make it easier for you.

In port setting use the new port you added in your router or your node traffic dont know where to go.
Original node 28967:28967
Second node *****:28967

Thanks guys.
So should i just go ahead and get on the waiting list to get a new identity? Is there any other way for existing SNO to get a second identity?

There is no more waitlist, you just sign up and should get the invite within a short time (as long as you use Chrome or Firefox browser with ad-blockers disabled)

You must have a new identity for the next node, otherwise current one will be disqualified within minutes.

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