Can I use the same payout address on multiple nodes?


Ive got multiple nodes split over a couple of different internet connections. Currently they are all configured with the same payout address.

Its just occurred to me that perhaps i’m missing out on payments? Last month I received 4 separate payments (presumably from each satellite) however I wanted to clarify if all my node payouts to the same address are being combined into a single payment from that satellite of if I’m simply not being paid for the other nodes and if I should use different payout addresses.

Thanks in advance!

You should not miss out on payouts if you use the same payout address.


You do not, you always get one payment per satellite. I have 3 nodes and get 4 payments.

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As per Terms of Service 3->d->ii following restriction is applied.

ii. Operate more than one Storage Node with different Payment Addresses on different Storage Nodes

So to answer your question you HAVE TO use same payment address


Point iii should be adjusted. It still says that you are not allowed to run more than 1 storage node behind the same IP.


thank you for pointing that out, we are updating that clause in the Terms of Service asap

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