Can my objects have browser URL's that only I can access to on Tardigrade?

I’m rather confused about how much my objects are currently shared or not
and what my options are in terms of sharing with the world / only in a group / only with myself.

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All objects and buckets are private by default. They always remain private.
To give an access to them you can create a shared URL, the access will be encoded in it, include derived encryption key and permissions (read, list):

uplink share --url sj://mybucket/mysite/example.png

This command will give anyone who have the generated URL permissions to list objects (in case of one object only that one object) and read (download) them.
You also can restrict it more granularly:

The important part - only created an access grant can give an access to your objects. Even when it’s created no one can access it unless you explicitly give them that URL.
You also can revoke an access grant in any time:

My question on this more or less continues here: