Can Storj run on a Raspberry Pi 2?

I have a Raspberry Pi4, but need to use it for something else.
I was wondering if I can migrate it to the Rapsberry pi 2?


I started with PI2 before moved to PI4. It worked.

What about the cpu usage on the RPI?

I’m running nodes on a couple ODROID HC2’s and the cpu usage is constantly high (40-70%). I’m aware that compiling it for the platform should increase the efficiency quite drastically, just wondering how the stock ARM builds performance compares between the RPI and the ODROID.

My RPi 4 nodes are typically between 10-50% CPU load depending on the traffic load.

I think the biggest impact of using the RPi 2 will be the lack of USB 3 ports. Data will move a lot slower under these current high traffic loads over the USB 2 ports in the RPi 2. I’m sure it will work, but just adding in a couple of additional, potential bottle necks to your system (lower CPU power, lower RAM, and slower data transfer speeds through the USB 2 port).

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All RPi boards of lower model than RPi 4 have a shared USB port configuration with the Ethernet adapter. This means that the incoming network traffic shares the same bandwidth limitations of the USB ports.

Here’s a Stack Exchange Q/A on what this means: