Can the amount of data on a node decrease?

Dear all,

Can the amount of data on a node decrease?
I went from 2.4 TB of used space to 2.3 TB. For several weeks the amount of data hosted on my node has been increasing more slowly.
Is there any use in deploying several nodes in several datacenters if none are full?


Over the last few days my node has been:

  1. Large Egress from Stefan.
  2. Large Ingress from US Central.
  3. Large Ingress from Europe West.
  4. Slowly decreasing total stored data.

Stefan is being taken out of service, so I think the data pieces are moving satellite home bases… Cards being re-shuffled… maybe some of us will end up with more than before, and some less… I guess.

there lot of new data, and lot of delete data at same time.

Yes it can.

A customer can upload lets say 1TB of data and delete it at any time.

So the size of the data on your node depends on how the customer want to use this service