Can the set hard disk exceed the limit?

Can the set hard disk exceed the limit?
It was 50g short of full capacity yesterday,
Just went to have a look
It’s all over the limit
Will nodes adjust automatically?
Will useless node data be deleted?
I want to know


How much did you allocate ? How much is actually free space now?

It’s 20 minutes now
The flow stays at 620.00gb without any change
And then the disk is still excessive
What should I do?

Let me rephrase. What is the free space shown to you on your HDD ? How much did you assign in your docker run command ?

Disk size remaining showing a negative number indicates that you have overallocated your available disk space. If possible, please adjust the total shared space so that you do not share the entire disk, leave some room for overhead (at least 10%). So what happened here is that other miscellaneous system and other files (what we refer to as overhead) have already taken up some of the total space on your disk that you thought you would have available to store the data pieces. Here is an example: lets say you have a 1 TB hard drive. Lets assume you wanted to use this exclusively for storing data for Storj. So you should only specify 0.9 TB of disk space in your node configuration (docker run storagenode command) rather than the whole 1 TB. This will leave 100 GB for overhead. If you specify a higher capacity than your hard drive physically has available on it, you also should see some messages in your log warning that you have allocated more disk space than what is really available on your disk.

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Bandwidth is not only data is going to rour hdd, but also upload that you send back to network. You cant mesure how many you have on disk by bandwidth. Do you have Docker or windows version?
if windows pleas in config.yaml what is storage.allocated-disk-space: or if you have docker then how many TB you mensiond in start command?

My node uses 1TB hard disk
And my configuration is 900gb
Now the situation is
900gb is full
So I sent you the picture above

@Vadim @heunland

It looks like your node has already stopped receiving more data now, so I think you could just ignore the small negative number on the available disk space side. Some of your space is most likely also taken up by some garbage data, this will be removed soon when we activate the Garbage Collector (most likely not in this release but the next). At that time some space will be freed up again on your disk. So keep an eye on the remaining disk space number, if the negative number keeps getting larger, then you need to adjust the allotted space down a bit more to assure the system won’t attempt to continue sending you more pieces. Also, please check how much space is really still available on your hard drive (what is shown in your disk’s system properties).

I can’t understand you
My English is not good.
With Google Translate
What do you mean?
Don’t worry about him
He’ll delete the junk file himself
Am I right?


If you get more data to your hdd so your -9.20 get to example -20 you need to change your run command settings.

If you dont get anymore data you dont have to do anything. Just let the node run

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I think everyone sees a small negative number when the node reaches capacity. I think it’s just because transfers that are ongoing will still finish. 9.2MB is just 4 pieces, so that does not sound out of the ordinary.


I just reached my max in my share and it ended in -7 so as @BrightSilence said nothing strange with negative numbers

In my case the “small negative number” is -83.2GB and I’m getting a little concerned. I allocated 1.4TB of my 1.5TB to STORJ. Disk usage seems to be correct df -h shows 23GB left on device.