Can we get an update of the dashboard documentation?

Trying to learn more about my Storj node I’m looking up info on the dashboard. I’ve got two bits of feedback about possible updates for the Storj documentation pages regarding the dashboard.

First, I think the “dashboard concepts” should be broken out into it’s own branch. Leave the dashboard info regarding accessing the dashboard on each platform in the CLI sections, but have the concepts be in its own section independent of the CLIs. This cuts the work of maintaining concept details in half, and is more logical since just understanding the dashboard independent.

Second, update the concepts to the current dashboard view. I guess this is really for the “all satellites” view, as that includes the “online” value for each satellite, something that is not shown in the individual satellite view. I’m trying to understand what that online value represents, if it is something against me or a status of the satellite. All my suspension and audit values are 100% which I understand is ideal, but my online values are mixed between 50% and 100% depending on the satellite.

And this just came to mind as a wishlist item and is not related to documentation… have this same concept information included as mouse-over text when you hover on the GUI dashboard. Like how you get additional detail on the graphs or when you hover over the version (I’m on 1.16.1) it tells you that “Running the minimal allowed version: 1.13.0”, which further side note is either oddly worded or just incorrect? I would think if 1.13.0 is the minimum, the text should simply be “Minimal allowed version:”.

Sorry, I ramble…


There’s always room for improvement, but the node software tends to get better and better with newer versions.

With regards to scores, I opened an ‘idea’ thread for suggestions:

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