Can you create kind of software like onedrive or google

I believe endusers will grow very rapidly to a huge data addin, when they search and find an official app, made by Storj, mantained by Storj and downloadable from Storj’s website. If you want to backup your stuff with Storj, you don’t go looking for third party apps, you don’t trust those. You trust Storj. And even you guys sais third party apps ar s…t.
You already have all the backend you need, you just need a frontend, a GUI for 5 major platforms: Windows, Ubuntu, MacOS, iOs and Android. You don’t have to support every distro or OS outhere, just the majority of installations, and those 5 covers pretty much 99% of enduser devices.
How hard can it be to design a GUI, an app, with so many tools and AI assisted coding, available today? Internxt had like 2-3 guys and the app was very decent and was working. The backend was crap, but the app, for doing the basic file upload/download, was enough for majority.
I believe a team of 5-10 people is more than enough for this project.
Ah, you say you also need people in the support department; you are halfcovered by this existing and great forum. And a wellmade FAQ/Guide will cover everything.
So, beeing a small business of 60 people is not an excuse in my opinion. If this enduser market wasn’t worth it, why every competitor offers apps for it?


The consumer market requires a separate company to develop and support it.
We receives tons of support tickets related to the simple Buckets view in the Storj web console. The app will at least double it.

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How about outsourcing?


Well, someone said Duplicati supported Storj, so I used that as an example. I use Bacula to back up my Windows computers and my own scripts to back up Linux servers and VMs. All my backups are local.

OK, let’s assume someone figured out that such a service exists and wants to use it. If I type backup to storj into Google, the first result I get is Storj website where it describes that Storj can be used for backups and has a “sign up” page. We know that just signing up for the service does not allow one to make backups, unless you count manually uploading files using the Web UI.
The second link is about Duplicati. If what you say about it is correct, then the user may not have a great experience, however, at least this links to instructions on how to make Duplicati work with Storj.
Third link is about Hashbackup, which is a CLI program so normal users are not going to use it.
Fourth link is from Storj website saying how great the service is but in no way saying that I need a separate program to use it, but it also talks about RPO/RTO so it’s not aimes are regular users.
Next is Restic, but it’s also CLI, so normal users are not going to use it.
Next is Arq. Finally, a backup program that regular users would use that also supports Storj. The program costs $50 though, so it’s paying for the storage service and then paying for the program to access the service. Still, better than nothing.
And last is a reddit thread asking the same question.

After that there are instructions and videos on how to make Synology NAS backup to Storj (for those who have a NAS for something other than backups).

So, so far, at least from what Google showed me (I know the results would be different for other people) there isn’t as much information/marketing about using Storj for backups by regular users. Maybe a Storj branded backup program (free, but only works with Storj service) would help, maybe it would cost more to develop than bring in money. Maybe it would be worth it to have a list of programs that support Storj on the website? “You can use our service to back up your files by using one of the programs from this list”, something like that.


Well, we have a readme file on Github of various tools that support Storj

Because it can be net negative and opportunity cost on more than one level. It’s best to focus on one thing and do it extremely well, than half-arse multiple things, even if this seems profitable in the short term.

Let’s take B2 as a specific example of that competitor you mentioned. They offer Personal and Business backup app, where you pay fixed price per month and backup unlimited data, and that claims to be just that – set it and forget it.

I’ve tried it. I think you all know where it’s going… I"ll save you a wall of text, and just say that the software is crap, performance is horrible, it’s completely non-deterministic – your changed files may be enqueued to be backed up for up to 48 hours! while the app uploads transient garbage from the cache directories, that they did not bother to exclude, heck, they even did not exclude their own cache directory from time machine backup; it’s a massive resource hog, and when I borough up poorly documented config file for the exclusions, that wasn’t updated in the last 8 years, judging by the entires there, in a discussion with Backblaze rep on Reddit – the sentiment was that – well, we don’t mind that trash data is being uploaded all the time, our systems can handle it just fine, it’s a small percentage of all data. But this is not customer perspective. From customer perspective if I edit text file – I want it backed up ASAP, not in 30 hours, after it is done uploading browser caches clogging my upstream connection with this garbage for hours.

I don’t want to say that their software developers are incompetent, but this has, been, and always will be low priority side gig, that they just consider quick cash grab and don’t really want/can/will invest enough engineering time into.

This however threw a massive shadow on their whole operation: if they can sleep at night releasing this end-user visible steaming pile, how does stuff that users don’t see look?. I looked at them with more scrutiny (discovered some issues that happened in the past that should not have happened at that stage of product maturity), and ultimately took my data, including B2, elsewhere.

To summarize, they have spent time and resources half-arsing an app outside of their core competency, and drove at least three customers of their core product away (me and two more folks I drove away).

If Storj offered a backup app – I would not use it. First of all, it’s too new, with unclear reliability, from a company that does not specialize in a user facing apps, with unknown future – when will they decide that this was a distraction and abandon it?

Now look at Arq. This is one thing the dude is doing for the past 12 years, and still fixing bugs and implementing features. That’s a backup app.

Arq offers Premium service, where you pay them fixed amount of money per TB and they offer the app for free for 5 accounts to share that space. They use Google Cloud Storage.

What if instead of wasting time developing an app from scratch, storj sales folks make an enticing offer to Arq to switch to STORJ to power the premium service? Selling point being – performance, due to proximity to everyone, and cost, being the fraction of Google charges. If this works out – BAM – storj has the same out come as if they have developed Arq from scratch, they save 12 years of engineering time


This is where you can find the list you asked for:

Again, as mentioned before, Storj is not meant to be a solution for end users, so most of the tools you will find that integrate with Storj are focused on Enterprise users, which are our target customers.

Here is the guide that explains how to Guide for Integrating Arq Backup Software with Storj - Storj Docs

I’m talking about their Arq Premium service, backed by Google Cloud Storage today, not the standalone Arq app that you can use with bring-your-own-storage, including STORJ.

I’m bringing this point up second time, and both times I"m pointed on configuring STORJ as a target in ARQ. I know about this, and it’s not what I’m talking about.


Still think it’s a no brainer to at least make a rclone mount script of some sorts for windows users. This doesnt have to be fancy. Just mounted with start and network…

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Again, you are missing the point.

“Making” is not a problem. You can make one in about 15 minutes, no coding skills required. Just use Task Scheduler and run rclone mount on start.

The problem is making this thing a user facing product, maintaining it, and supporting customers who will keep finding ways to shot themselves in the foot when the real bugs have been exhausted.

Do you know why there is no decent UI for rclone? Because it’s an insurmountable task.
I put together script for myself some time back to mount rclone remotes in the UI on macOS here GitHub - arrogantrabbit/rclone_mounter: Platypus script for simple UI to mount and unmount rclone remotes on macOS. Making this into a product is a separate business plan.

Feel free to start such a company :slight_smile:


Support should be forum.
Can always pointed out when stalling.
It doesn’t have to be beautiful, as long as it works. Install necessary packafe ask for cres abd mount with start up. User can umount by right click or disable in startup. Mustnt be that hard… but yet again i cant code XD

Run as an Administrator

schtasks.exe /Create /TN "rclone-mount" /RU DESKTOP-FQAR4\USER /RP /SC ONSTART /TR "rclone mount storj: C:\Users\USER\Storj\ --vfs-cache-mode=full --no-console"

Where storj: is a remote name with Storj DCS connection, DESKTOP-FQAR4\USER is your user, C:\Users\USER\Storj\ is a folder to mount. You may also mount as a letter, but there is some problems with isolation, and the simplest way would be to create a task to run after login, not on start, however you may also use a SYSTEM user, see rclone mount

And now you would have a folder Storj in your home folder connected to your Storj DCS buckets.
You may check it to trigger the scheduled task right now

schtasks.exe /Run /TN "rclone-mount"

Or you can create this scheduled task via Task Scheduler GUI and run/stop it from the Task Scheduler GUI.

yes and know you make this user friendly…

What’s your DCS Connection.? …
What’s your Windows User name? …
Which Folder you want to mount Rclone on? …

Maybe link to forum/doc entry for more explanation.

I am not really doing it for me, I have a storagenode, but I like to see my family non-tech people use it some day. This doesn’t have to be fancy. If it works for 90% of the people it’s okay. Call it the first way for not savy tech people to use storj and its benefits.

You can even say that Storj doesn’t official support it so there won’t be support from you guys.
But there would be for everyone a simple way to mount it.
Can believe that a group of coders like you can whip it up in a week

Now I will shut up and you don’t hear me again :sweat_smile:

Guys. If you don’t want to do it because it will distract you from your core business model. Then just outsource it to SEA or India. Or organize a hackathon then continue to sponsor the winner to maintain it, or make it open source.

There’s ways to do it. The community, the users show that they need it. How about not just saying “NO” and finding a way?


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Because they don’t have to.

They can’t be everything to everyone and someone needs to make decisions about how best to build and market the service, direct development and assign resources.

You may not agree with it but “c’est la vie”… :man_shrugging:t2:

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Community is full of people with technical background. Most of them are running at least a node. This is what people need that dont understand that and still want cheap storage in a decentralised environment.

If you dont see that or dont even have a long term vision for it…

Project for nodes in the industry is starting now. Kind to compete with filecoin.

Storj now lets developers/company use their storage. But they will also be watching icp and holo… like in s3 and such… But also here are so much choises… awe, google storage, etc. (I see this also going to the ‘proffesinal nodes’ going)

I think to stand out and also get to an untapped market you may need the personal users who doesnt know so much and are used to just click “next” to install something.

This will keep the regular nodes in the future more viable…

But team/community decission…

Hello World out…

Really this time xd

But that’s my point.
You think so. Many other people also think so. Hell, even I would like to see a “Storj Dropbox”.

But Storj doesn’t think so (at the moment, they may change their minds).

Also, nothing is stopping “The Community”, as you refer to, from creating what you want. It just won’t happen (currently) on Storj resources.


You may do it, if you can, we are glad to accept a Community contribution!
We have no plans to go to the consumer market, we doesn’t have additional resources to run two companies - for B2B and B2C. If you can start it - it will be great, and we can help to integrate your product with Storj DCS.



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