Can you get multiple auth tokens on the same email?

Hello everyone,

Today I noticed that I got an email from storj about a new auth token that has not been used. The strange think is that I already have an auth token on this same email that is currently in use. Correct me if I am wrong but I thought it was only 1 auth token for each unique email. I compared the two auth tokens sent and they are different.

Some users accidentally received an extra auth token in their email, but no worries as the new token sent to them is valid for use on a new node if they’d like :slight_smile:

To clear up some confusion:

You can now set up multiple nodes that all specify the same email address in the docker run command, but you cannot use that same email to request multiple invites, you need to use some other alternate email just for the waitlist


I came here to ask the same question. Good stuff!

Can you tell a little more about how to request a new token for existing email address? When I fill up a v3 storage node signup form with a same email again - the system offers me to update my SNO preferences, but there is no any form or button for request new token.

How can I do so?

Please, use a different email address to subscribe to the waitlist.


I think we simply can’t register multiple time on wait list with the same email address. It’ll redirect you to update your profile instead of send another confirmation email.
I’m willing to know if we can operate up to 10 or more nodes with multiple emails but same pay out address? Because I have about 10 - 12 Orange Pi boards lying around, the same amount of 2TB 2.5" hard drives, all pulled from previous project and in great working condition.

I can’t find the mail/blog post. But I am sure that with the implementation of IP-based nodeselection Storj introduced the reregister with same email.

@Alexey I saw that you write different in an other post. We need to check this, an other emailadress will protect us for nothing. And we are sending more emails then need which is also bad. Maybe you can recheck this if that is still needed.

I think it’s still required to use a different email address. If you uses the gmail, then you can add something via plus sign, for example
It still would be delivered to your mailbox, but will be a different email address

Also you can add dots, like and will be different emails but you will get mails into one inbox. Works only with gmail.

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@romeokoi @uniconstructor I updated my post with some new information! I hope that clears some things up :slight_smile:

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