Cannot add node to multinode

For some reason I am unable to re-add my long time running node back to the multinode app.

It is using a dynamic dns address and while I can add a node to the multinode app with its IP without issue, it does fail with the dyndns address. No matter if I try via browser, json import or manual add, it fails every time.
Error message is Error: node is not reachable: rpc: tcp connector failed: rpc: dial tcp: lookup no such host
When I log into the dyndns service the data displayed for IP and dns name are correct.
So what is wrong?

The node itself is up and running with the dynamic dns address in the Docker run command. So the node itself is definitely working on that address.

When I use my current ipv4 address instead of the assigned dyns name the I am able to add the node to multinode.
So this looks like either the dyns service or multinode has an issue right now.

Edit: I am using the v1.58.1 already. Let’s see if it makes a difference if I downgrade.

Version 1.45.3 does not make a difference.

Maybe you’re making a typo in your ddns name? (dyns/ddns, stroj/storj, etc.)

Oh man, I just got this solved.
It turned out to be a DNS issue. The DNS server where the multinode is running on had a bad config which seemed to be fine first, but wasn’t.

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Bravo You!
Congratulations :slight_smile:

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Lol, nah. It’s a bit embarrassing… :flushed: