Cannot connect, pingSatellites failed

So I’ve been doing some testing and updating of my linux node at home, I’ve managed to mess things up pretty badly. I have a wired connection on and a wireless connection that I have disabled currently. I’m using the no-ip service to get an external address, which is specified in the docker startup options.

When I start it up, I get this message:

2019-10-24T17:42:44.869Z        INFO    version running on version v0.23.5
2019-10-24T17:42:46.142Z        ERROR   contact:chore   pingSatellites failed   {"error": "rpc error: code = Internal desc = contact: couldn't connect to client at addr: due to internal error."}

If I try to connect from another server to that address and port:

subwolf@localhost:/ext$ telnet 28967
telnet: Unable to connect to remote host: Connection refused

If I perform a netstat:

root@subwolf-tk:/media/subwolf/Games/storj# netstat -a | grep 28967
tcp6       0      0 [::]:28967              [::]:*                  LISTEN     

I’m probably missing something obvious?

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