Cannot login into got error "HCaptcha is required"

Hi like the title, I try to access my backup data via website
And I got this error which is weird and don’t know how to handle it

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Hello @bebeo92,
Do you use VPN, adBlockers or blocking software/hardware in your network (piHole for example)?
If so, try to disable them or try a different browser (i.e. mobile one), you may also try to use a mobile internet.

You may also send me your public IP in a private message or on our support portal and we can whitelist it.
You can get your IP there: or Open Port Check Tool - Test Port Forwarding on Your Router


I am also having this issue with Proton VPN. Could you please explain why I am unable to log in using a VPN?

Many scammers and bots uses Proton VPN, so likely our captcha provider have blocked most of their IPs.
If you want to use a web UI, you need to disable this VPN. The alternative is to configure tools like Cyberduck, Filezilla, uplink CLI, rclone, etc. and use them to upload and download your objects.

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I experience the same kind of issue, and I highly doubt it would be a global issue as other websites which implement hcaptcha have never returned the error 429, which I guess is why the OP reported it as the issue specific to to begin with (If the issue were global, the OP should have experienced it already on other websites).

XHRPOST [HTTP/2 429 Too Many Requests 150ms]

Hello @Andisers,
Welcome back!

Please try to disable a VPN and check again.
Because I’m getting a different response

$ curl -X XHRPOST -v
< HTTP/2 501 (not implemented)


$ curl -X POST -v
< HTTP/2 403