Cannot modify anything on my node

hello there,

i’m a brand new SNO and i use a 2TB hdd for storage atm. I read somewhere on this forum i just have to execute Storagenode.exe again if i want to do changes on my storage node.

if i do this, every option is greyed but remove my node

repair is grey

modify is grey

what’s wrong ?

Do you mean running an installer again that just shows you post-installation options to manage your install? Cause I think that’s what you are doing: running storagenode.msi instead of storagenode.exe

But forget that and just describe what you want to achieve. What do you want to change on your node?


Hello Mars and thx for you help

i see, it was a misunderstanding between Storagenode.msi and Storagenode.exe

well, so now, i launch a Cmd and try to figure out how it works

if i want to edit the config file, i have to type storagenode config but i’ve got nothing to edit the .yaml file

Final purpose of all this is to add some size to my node, by changing hdd for exemple, idk if i just can clone the actual drive ( aomei backupper technician edition ) and change node size with config file

Or see where i can change my wallet information

yaml file is just a text file - you can open it with notepad.

I suggest making a copy of it, editing, double-checking, and only then proceeding to replace the old one (preferably still keeping it somewhere for backtrack reference).

Inside you will find the path to the identity:
Email and wallet:
Allocated storage:
And storage path:

To move your node to another location, you need to move everything within storage.path to new location, and then making sure to change path in the config file. If you are going to move your identity too, then you need to update its path accordingly.

You can check THIS GUIDE, though your case seems simpler, cause it’s local, right? So you can skip moving orders and uninstall/install. You are going to work with local and not network paths as well.

So in your case:

  1. Move files with robocopy
  2. Stop your node in Task Manager
  3. Use robocopy once again to apply newest changes
  4. Apply config changes
  5. Start node back again in Task Manager
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Hello @Neuneu,
Welcome to the forum!

You can install Notepad++ or Visual Studio Code to edit the config file. Do not use a regular Notepad - it could corrupt the config file (especially true for WordPad and Word).

thx for you help,

i’m going to check this out.