Cannot see files from the uplink cli tools

I am a new user to storj. I have installed the uplink tool on linux and uploaded some files via the browser and cannot see the files via uplink ls sj://<bucketname>. And viceversa.When i upload files using he uplink cp command I cannot see them in the browser. Why is this mismatch ? or is there anything extra we need to see the files sync.

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Hello @nilaysaha ,
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This can happen only if you use a different encryption phrases in the objects browser and in the uplink.
You can create a new access grant, but with the same encryption phrase as in the objects browser, and import it to the uplink with a different access name, i.e.

uplink import objects-browser 1qWsanbgtfdedfttffgghujjji....

Then you can list objects with this new named access:

uplink --access objects-browser ls sj://my-bucket
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Ah. Cool. Thanks Alexey. Let me try.

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hey @nilaysaha did that work out for you?