Can't access tardigrade satellite website


shows : 503 Service Temporarily Unavailable sattelites under mantanace

i am a user of tardigrade, why didn’t i receive any email about the scheduled maintenance ? this really undermines the credibility of this import storage service .


I suppose Tardigrade could actively warn users of scheduled maintenances.

However, users interested on getting notified about this can always subscribe to the status updates (maintenances are announced several days before the maintenance window) on, like many SNOs (including me) have done to avoid heart-attacks when detecting errors on the logs :sweat_smile:

Maybe Tardigrade could reconsider implementing this, as other providers like DigitalOcean or AWS do. They do not notify maintenances when they are not expected to affect final users (they only post it in status page as tardigrade does), but notify users when some of their assets will be potentially affected.

I confirm the hart attack part @odarriba hahaha

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the website said it is operational , but still can’t login in, still 503 error

Same on the SNO side - not able to connect to the satellites

Looks like they marked it as completed before it was actually done, and set it again as under maintenance now :+1:

Let’s wait then :crossed_fingers:

now whey they change back to maintenance , you don’t get any updates from subscription through email. the last email i got is still maintenance complete.

Even the only option to stay update is not reliable .

It´s strange.

I have not received the “started maintenance again” email, but I had received the status update when asia and america satellites went up and when the whole maintenance finished.

Now everything looks fine from my nodes as far as I can see.