Cant do port forwarding help for v2

My isp uses CGNAT, so I can’t do port forwarding. But with NGROK or portmap I can do run a react js server on port 3000(http). So how can I do it with TCP?

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You have a few options:

  • switch the ISP;
  • use a VPN with port forwarding, such as PIA,, purevpn, ngrok, etc

Yes i tried ngrok but i dont know which port to set. I Should assign port 4001 on the storj gui with host name that gave me? or i should use port that ngrok gave me?
I tried the hostname and port which ngrok gave me that I used in step 4(port number with reachable checked) and step 5 (hostname). After creating the port number color is turn into the green but it shows connecting continuously.

If you tried to setup a v2, then stop here, the v2 is deprecated and almost not used, your new v2 nodes will be empty anyway.
Please, subscribe to the waitlist v3 instead:

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Oh. Thank you for the information. @Alexey

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