Can't get node working after first configuration


I created my first node yesterday.
Everything went good, but when checking my dashboard node says “offline”.

Port 28967 is forwarded to my node, and DDNS is working( checked on

The stangiest thing is when i try to check my node with , node comes online in dashboard but nothing more happens.

When checking docker logs , nothing anormal, zero warning or errors.

Someone has an idea what’s happening?


@nkeur welcome to our community.

Please wait around an hour after you started your storage node to see if the status changes.

See My node offline for more reference.


It’s the same after 13 hours
In dashboard:

Last Contact OFFLINE
Uptime 13h12m9s

               Available     Used     Egress     Ingress
 Bandwidth       32.0 TB      0 B        0 B         0 B (since Nov 1)

Maybe nodes are checked for a day before starting sharing space?

What operating system are you on?

I’m running node on a raspberry pi 3 with raspbian stretch

Can you see your node at all connecting locally?
Sorry, I am not to familiar with Linux…

Can you show result of this command ?

docker exec -it storagenode ls -l /app/identity uses an unauthorized satellite to connect to your node. It doesn’t verify your identity. That’s not to say that this finding is unhelpful. The fact that your node was actually reached likely means your port forwarding is set up correctly. So I would say @nerdatwork is spot on asking you to look at your identity. You should see 6 files, with file size of ca.cert around 1000 and identity.cert around 1500


It was an issue with identity, 2 files missing.
Everything is working now , i’m a happy node operator :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help