Cant go online - possibly because im unnable to open port

I followed the step-by-step instructions for installing the GUI application. I believe that I am not able to open port 28967 on my router. as shown on the website yougetsignal. port is closed on my ip. the following message on the powershell is this

2021-04-27T22:52:54.025-0300 ERROR contact:service ping satellite failed {“Satellite ID”: “121RTSDpyNZVcEU84Ticf2L1ntiuUimbWgfATz21tuvgk3vzoA6”, “attempts”: 8, “error”: “ping satellite error: failed to dial storage node (ID: 12pik1tpLNnFrCBNiE4XPY9LPAUaDRiTUcHsh7wKQknUcwgK8Qt) at address rpc: dial tcp i/o timeout”, “errorVerbose”: "ping satellite error:

that repeats for all sattelites.
I need help identifying where the problem may be occurring

Some informations that could be useful
Im using windows 10 connectet to the ethernet.
my wan ip seens to be different from my external edress

Hi @gabrielob,
To be able to run a Storj node you will need to open the port through your router to the node software. If this isn’t possible then you won’t be able to run a node.

If you are unsure how to open the port then provide as much information as possible about your internet connection and router (pictures and screenshots help), then the community can assist in making the correct settings.

If your external IP is different to the WAN IP then you may be behind a double NAT setup which is unlikely to work.

im setting the port with the ipv4

it seens my wan ip is different from my external ip. i just reseached about double nat, and i realized im connected to the internet via a cable in the router, not sure if that is the problem

If your IP WAN address not same as your external ip, then you are behind CGNAT.
Try to search forum for CGN.You will see few solutions.People mentioning the use of VPN connection with port forwarding, with some proveider like ngrok or
It seems you need to invest money, if you want to host a storagenode.
Also think about renting out a server.If you dont want to pay for a year subscription at VPN provider, go around and find some VPS with cheap price and with decent monthly bandwith.And install openvpn access server on it.Connect to that.In the begining you absolutely dont need a lot of bandwith, until your node fills up.It takes half year to year to have more bandwith than 1 TB.
In overall You are in unfortunate situation.You need to belive in this project to spend money momentally, and to accept the profit later on.Also you see that few people leaving project, despite the fact that they have no problem with connecting the storagenode, but the profit isnt enought for them.So think twice before you take the next step.
Easiest way is of course, to change your provider to some, that offer open incoming connection to your pc.
The cable connection to your pc doesnt matter regarding this

If this is the problem, is the no ip still necessary? should i reinstall the gui application? When creating the node during installation, should I put the ip provided by vpn?

OK, so your cable modem “sees” your WAN IP as
If you type “What is my IP address” on google do you also get that same IP?

EDIT: Sorry, didn’t realise that address block is all for CG-NAT. That sucks.
I think others have been successful running nodes using tunnelling?

This is depends on chosen VPN provider.
I would like to suggest you to try to call to your ISP first and ask them for public IP, you can say that you want to have an access to your security IP cam from anywhere to do not explain Storj. Many providers just give you a public IP (WAN IP will match your external IP), it can be dynamic, but must be a public.

If it would not work, then you need to select a VPN provider with port forwarding option, such as, ngrok, PIA, PureVPN, AirVPN, etc.