Can't install node on fresh windows 10

Hello, i just upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10, but i cant install storagenode, there is a problem with windows installer package

i try many things, sfc scannnow, windows updates, manually add service, nothing works

This is likely because of .NET framework missing ?

i have installed latest version 4.8.1? maybe need also an older version?

I believe this happens if you have remnants of an older install in the same location. Or you didnt uninstall it completely first.

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Hello @olympios,
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Please check the logs: How do I check my logs? - Storj Docs
But likely @Knowledge is right - you need to uninstall the software and delete the "C:\Program Files\Storj" folder before the install.

from logs:

2024-07-02T10:11:53+03:00 INFO Anonymized tracing enabled {Process: storagenode}
2024-07-02T10:11:54+03:00 FATAL Unrecoverable error {Process: storagenode, error: open D:\_STORJ\trash\.trash-uses-day-dirs-indicator: The file exists.}

ok, i found solutiion, i pointthe storj base to another folder, so installed normaly and after i restore the old config, thanks all for the help and your time!

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delete me please ! !

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Never :grin: welcome back to the community.


You need to remove this file as well (it will unseal your data storage, so please double check your options).

what u mean ? which file?
node looks like running ok

I talked about this one:

If the node is working already, then you likely did remove it before install.