Can't see new bucket created with uplink on Satellite web interface

why I cant see the new bucket on Satellite web interface ?

→ uplink mb sj://mybucket

I can only see the bucket named “demo-bucket” created with web interface

Thank you

maybe I’ve found the problem

*          mov999

I have to switch access to ‘main’ . it’s likely that I’ve created that bucket on ‘mov999’ access
Do I need the access grant to switch ?

Thank you

To see buckets you need to use an access grant from the needed project. To see objects (include their prefixes - “folders”) you need to use exactly the same encryption phrase used during upload of your objects.
Please note, the encryption phrase is not tied with the bucket, it’s used to encrypt/decrypt your objects in any bucket. If the object cannot be decrypted with the provided encryption phrase, it will be hided.

I cannot say, should you switch the access in the uplink or not - only you know what is access grant behind each of these accesses in the uplink CLI.
But in general, if you want to use a different access from the current, you may use option --access in each command, i.e.

uplink ls --access main

will use the access “main” to list buckets/prefixes/objects
If you do not want to specify an access every time, you may switch the current access to a needed one, i.e.

uplink access use main

the next time all commands will use an access with name “main”.