Cant see videos on my bucket

Hello there, Very new user of Storj over here, I just created my first bucket and upload a few videos on it but whenever I try to watch them online there is just this black square.

Is there something that I’m doing wrong? I’m sorry if my question is extremely basic.

Generally it does work, you can see demos here:

But it seems that the player cannot play everything. So conversion to a different format or codec might help.

thats weird, I can see those clearly. But mine are mp4 and mov as well and does not work, do you know how can I try to solve it?

Your link plays but oddly the sizes are all ZEROES

But thats not mine, that one worked for me


I know :slight_smile: You can see who I replied to in the post :point_down:

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Hello @shann ,
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You need to convert this video file and use codec, which will work in the browser. This codec should be supported by your browser and OS.
The video container (.mp4, .mov) can store video encoded with almost any codec, but you need to use one which better for streaming, see for details.


Okay, thats perfect! I have already installed the codec, which program do you recommend to do the convertion?