Capacity question - just curious

My first storagenode is at 99% capacity of the 9TB I allocated. (Another 1TB is set aside for garbage collection, etc).

My question is what is your experience with capacity? Does the storagenode typically get filled to near 100% as satellites attempt to use them fully? Or does this fluctuate based on customer demand?

Nodes get full and then stay pretty much full for me. I don’t think you can read anything into it though.

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You can’t fill a node near 100% without customer demand. But you can’t distinguishing between customer data from STORJ for testing and customer data from real customers. Both are paid the same so from SNO point of view there is no difference.
And the satellite gives a storagenode data until it is full.

So: The satellite attempts to fill your node 100% but the rate depends on customer demand.

i think 1 tb for garbage collection in your node size is kinda high…
ofc it also depends on how your system is handling the data… some system configurations might make the data require more space on disk, some might require less because of like say zfs compression of half empty blocks…

if you have like 1.5tb free on ofc be sure it’s the right kind of TB and and not you assuming that 10^12bytes is 2^40 terabits
so long as you are sure the number line up, and ofc in theory it might depend on how fast you might get data in after a deletion to garbage.

basically if you designated 1TiB to your storagenode and thought it was 1TB then you already have the 10% of required free space in that…

worth a look if you want to go right to the edge of capacity, ofc make sure you are right, would suck to make the node run into issues for lack of space… but i’m sure sometime in the near future there should be make safe guards against that… but why risk it.

just trying to say you might be much further from you max capacity than you think…

I followed the guide. I took a 10 TB HDD and allocated 900 GB in the configuration (run command parameter). I am using EXT4

Right now my dashboard says there is 94 GB free and my computer (Ubuntu 18.04) shows 487 GB in the “Files” GUI.

Storj Files

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it will be full, yes.