CentOS 8 and docker

Hello community, I check that centos 8 was out and decided to test it on a VM to check storj compatibility. I found out that it is not supported by docker by default but I tested it anyways with no results (i didn’t manage to install a functioning copy of docker), later I found out that this version has own container tools developed by redhat buildah and podman which should be compatible with docker (sorry my reference is in spanish https://rm-rf.es/docker-rhel-8-centos-8-buildah-podman/ ) so I went and try just substituting the docker for podman in front of any commands, the commands ran but the problem comes from the remote server side from where the images are pulled (all of them related to determining the manifest MIME type with unauthorized access, authentication required etc)

So I just thought of writing something down here to let know people what is going on, perhaps is useful to somebody or at least they know what to expect.

Bye! :wave: