Centralized dashboard for SNO


People who want to be a SNO are encouraged to create more and more Storj nodes (to add new storage disks or to host several SNO at different locations).

For now, if we have several Storj nodes, we have to check each dashboard. Plus, we have to register a new domain name for each or to remember each IP.

Just thought it would be great to have a centralized dashboard for all of our SNO.

Several options to design it:

  • The centralized dashboard could be hosted in a container. This way you could deploy it wherever you want. Storage node configuration (via docker run command) would indicate to which dashboard address it must send its monitoring data.
  • The centralized dashboard could be supported by the any of the Storage node. It means that each Storage node could be configured as a “master” node, aggregating and displaying monitoring data for a pool of other storage nodes.

Maybe other SNO already built a similar solution for their own needs.
It would be nice to share it with our amazing community! :slight_smile:

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Thank you!
I didn’t know this portal.

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