Certificate storing

I would like to store a document (a pdf “certificate”) and set it as “immutable”. Two questions:

  • is it possible to avoid the cancellation of a file once published?
  • can I store only the hash key of a document (in any way…)?

Hi Gianluca,

Interesting question. In terms of changes, a file can’t really be changed. You would have to remove it and upload the changes. Files that are uploaded can be deleted. I’m not aware of a way for the end user to upload a file and have it never get erased if they didn’t pay their bill or chose to erase it. I suppose if you upload it under the free tier and don’t touch it, it would persist so long as Storj continues to offer the free tier. However, Storj does have the ability to remove content that is ordered by a legal takedown notice. (The details and extent this is conducted is outside my wheelhouse)

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However, there is some hiccup - if you would upload any other file with the same name, the linksharing URL will not change, but the file will change.
So, if you would implement an application, you can also store MD5 for example as a metadata and compare when downloaded.

But initially - the Storj object storage is mutable. The data does not stored on blockchain.
To avoid this hiccup you can use --read-only flag in the uplink share (it’s set by default if you did not provide any), this way anyone who have this access grant can only read this file, but not delete or upload (replace).
If you specify --url you will get a linksharing URL, which will not allow you any changes, it’s read only by default.

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