Change the node port

Hi, I’m new to storj and I’m trying to run the service, I followed all the steps in the tutorial.
However my ISP cannot open port 28967 for me, it is already in use. So I was given port 2153, how do I use this port on the node?
I’m not using a docker, I’m running the node directly on Windows.

Welcome to the forum @aldrato!

Check section for ADDRESS and custom port.

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Thank you @nerdatwork!
But I’m not using the docker, I’m using Storage Node directly on windows, can you change it this way?

I am not 100% sure about GUI but try this. Edit your config.yaml file’s contact.external-address section to look like

contact.external-address: your.ddns.address:2153

Make sure port 2153 is forwarded.

Then restart your node.

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Alterei no arquivo yaml e nas configurações do roteador.

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