Changelog v0.17.0

If you have any questions you are welcome to ask them here :slight_smile:


  • Storage node dashboard is not finished.
  • We had to revert the PR that will move the piceinfo table from SQLite to disk. That PR is a high risk. We don’t want to crash the hole network. Instead we will crash my storage node first. I have prepared an experimental branch and will test that on my storage node first. If that all works we can push out a v0.17.1 release.

Thanks for the info.

Will there be an alternative to find out how much space is used? Otherwise I’ll have to remove the estimation for stored data from the earnings calculator.


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Awesome, that’ll do just fine, thanks!

Can I ask about roadmap update?

I see Release 33 still in progress, is it true?

@brandon ^

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