Changelog v0.19.0

If you have any questions you are welcome to ask them here :slight_smile:


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will the details include instruction

Link added. For fun I will answer your question with “maybe” :smiley:

I noticed the pieceinfo_ table is still there after the update. I assume this is no longer updated and piece_space_used should be used for disk usage calculations?

I figured I’d just assume that was correct build a pre-emptive update for the earnings calculator.

Now with support for v0.19.0 and much faster since it uses precalculated disk usage numbers now!

Note: The old version won’t update disk usage sizes anymore. You need to update to v5.3.0 of the script for those to be current again.

Apologies for the multiple posts, but I am curious to know what the storage_usage table represents. I see negative numbers in there which didn’t immediately make sense to me and I couldn’t easily find what this table is used for in the source code.

Is the SNOBoard available in this release?

Yes that is correct. The problem was that doing used space calculation the storage node was unable to accept any uploads. The new implementation is doing it the other way around. It is caching the used space, updating it on any incoming upload, delete etc and using the database to serialize it. Once per hour the storage node will go through the filesystem and calculate the used space the hard way in order to keep the cache value as close as possible to the actual used space.

You can ask as many questions as you want :smiley:

The table is used for the storage node dashboard. If you send a request to the storage node dashboard API you will find the same negative numbers. I am waiting for a response / fix from the developer.

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Die you read the very first post? It contains a link to the a more detailed post about the storage node dashboard API. If you read that carefully it should answer your question.

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I did read it, it said that that is the API and not the SNOBoard, hence my question.
Also the Aha does not have any more SNOBoard epics after 0.18.

It’s not listed as included in this update, that’s your answer. :soon:

I know, hence my question. Hopefully it’s coming soon.