Changelog v0.19.5

If you have any questions feel free to ask them here.


Let me add a bit explaination about the current network state.

With v0.19.0 we introduced a lot of database performance improvement. One of them was batching the order receiver. In our tests the order receiver worked just fine but in production there is a good chance that a storage node is loosing the connection while submitting orders. In the next our the storage node will try to resend the order but the satellite already has it. That was the database error we have seen.
The error message itself was expected but the behavior after that was not. The storage node didn’t submit any valid orders. Instead the storage node puts them in a queue.

Now the issue is fixed but I would still expect side effects for the next few hours. It needs some time until the storage nodes cleaned up the queue and we are getting back to normal. Don’t panic unless your order queue is still increasing.