Changelog v0.19.7

We also reduce the order batch size on the satellite side to stop the deadlock errors.


Does anyone still have a high number of unsubmitted orders? Please let me know if you need help.

I believe @cdhowie and @xyphos10 were

for me those errors went away on their own after a few hours on v.0.19.5


After the upgrade to v0.19.7, I haven’t had any more errors submitting orders and they now usually complete within a few seconds instead of taking ~45 seconds and then failing with a deadlock error.

Of course, I can’t prove that the problem doesn’t exist at all (can’t prove a negative) but I’ll let you know if the problem recurs. As of right now, everything looks better.


I would like pay attention, that after update to v0.19.6 - v0.19.7 We have significantly improved performance for sending orders every hours

Celeron J3455:

Unfortunately I not have screen like it was before upgrade, but I can say that before upgrade CPU usage was about 46% and iowait time about 18%


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