Changelog v0.21.1

Go checkout the new storage node dashboard :slight_smile:


The current dashboard script looks the same. How do you launch the new dashboard?

New Dashboard, launch in browser

I feel like this time I have to write a bit more about the changes.

Audit failures:
We believe that we have identified the root cause. I can’t go into the details as long as the issues is not fixed. This release contains part 1 of the fix and as soon as part 1 is working we can go on and deploy part 2. If we are lucky that might be possible today. In this special case I don’t want to deploy part 2 on a Friday and I am not sure if we will have time for it around the town hall next week. I will try my best.

Kademlia removal:
You can read the full story here: Design Draft: Removing Kademlia
As a side effect you might see that the last_contact value on the CLI dashboard is not updated frequently. Especially on unvetted nodes.

Vetting process:
Audit 2.0 is now live. Again you can read the full story here: Design Draft: Auditing 2.0
My expectation is that you don’t get any audits for the next 24 hours. (While I write that down I notice that I should create a bug for that. The first iteration should start on startup.) Anyway. Every 24h the satellite will go through all pointers and for each storage node select 3 of them. If you have only 3 pieces you still have a high chance to get an audit. The 3 slots are not fixed and we might change that value any time.

Storage node dashboard:
Just webbrowser don’t forget to add -p to your docker run command or the port will be closed. I will open a new thread for the dashboard and you can write down your feedback there.
If you are not running docker than I am sorry to say that we don’t support that. Take a look at the changelog and you should find the steps you need to execute :wink:


One note for your dashboard page.

This will only allow connections from the local machine. If you don’t have a gui on the local machine with a browser, you’ll need to use extended properties here to open it to your LAN, or another subnet.

Wide open is: Just make sure you have some other firewall/VLAN microsegmenting, and/or most importantly, blocking that from your WAN / ISP.

-p 14002:14002


Since last update last contact can go Up to 2 minutes but everything looks ok in logs.

@John.A That’s expected after the (partial) Kademlia removal

@BrightSilence I Read that and forgot all about it when i looked at the dashboard. Thanks.

What a nice dashboard, thanks!
Question: is this expected for a dashboard to display negative disk usage and if yes what does that mean?
You can see on my screenshot that it’s oscillating around zero.

UPD: It’s for the 118… satellite only.

Mine is very similar on 118U, except that i went negative altogether.

looks like someone will be paying back to 118U this month :slight_smile:

I still cant wrap my head around the total numbers here:
143TB / 19 days / 24h is 0,3TB but on the cli dashboard i have used 1.8TB

Yes. Sorry I have missed to post that information in both threads. Here is the explanation:


Awesome update, thanks!

Btw, will storage nodes be automatically unpaused for this update?
I noticed my node is still paused for 1 satellite.

Not automatically. You have to contact the support.