Changelog v0.23.2

Where can you see a GUI?

You can keep your docker node running. You don’t need to use the windows GUI.

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It says GUI in the URL .../gui-windows/storage-node

Where? I don’t see such applet in my Windows…

With Windows Service simultaneously?
I don’t think so

The link to the installer has GUI in the path hence I call it Windows GUI and so does Littleskunk :slight_smile:

When I moved back to docker I made sure I stopped both services and set their Startup type to manual

woke up this morning and my dashboard displayed this16

Ok. your instructions online mention the one database info.db. You mention other databases but could you clarify in your instructions that they may also work for the other databases or not? Like repeat for other databases as well. make the instructions more generic so the operator can fill in the database name and what databases should be checked?

I found my pieceinfo.db database to have errors and I was unable to correct per commands. I ended up with a 0 file database on correction. Is there a better way to correct this? I reverted back to the original file. My node works and has been downloading files, but file deletion is hit or miss and more miss now. I get very few download errors.

There is no other way to correct the “database file is malformed” either this instruction or delete the corrupted database.
In the last case you will lose some history and information about used space and bandwidth.