Changelog v0.23.2

Windows Installer
The official release:

Audit Service Fix
On the storage node side you will still see audit failures but on the satellite side we only apply a penalty if we are sure it was not caused by one of the known bugs. We are interested to see how that works. Please keep an eye on your audit score. If your node is healthy you should see the reputation increasing even with audit failures in your log. If your audit score is decreasing please contact us.

Clock out of Sync
The time window for a valid upload is 1h (per segment!) We have added a new error message to the storage node log. If you see too many order created too long ago or order created too far in the future that usually means the storage node clock is out of sync.


Quick question: How about authorization token, is it not needed anymore? (I not see step where it specified on windows…)

Does it mean we have to stop docker if we want to use Windows GUI ?

I see step 5 linking to Identity section which has instruction to sign it with auth token.

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Oh I see, It just “SETUP” step and we will follow all steps starting from beginning manual.

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? has it been released yet do i wait for the autoupdater to do it’s magic and does this release enable the web dashboard

yes, yes and yes. Go for it.

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ok will wait for auto updater to work i hope that with this release system reboot will not be needed as with 0.22.1 and thanks

Suggestion: plus 10% overhead to be allocated should be added to step 9’s installer screen.

Also in step 10. TB is hard coded for available disk space. A dropdown GB/TB would be nice with field rejecting anything below 500 when GB is selected.

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This happened after I started using Windows SN then dashboard showed like I was a new node so I stopped and went back to my trusted docker.

Also it didn’t create Storage Node Dashboard shortcut. (using windows pro)

I have been running the msi since0.20.1 on windows server 2016 as spare new drive not yet vetted but i have but docker down like a lame horse if it continues to improve like this this server will be colocated, i would like to auto update with out the need for a system reboot tho.

It is included in step 10. Step 9 is just defining where you want to store the files.

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Has anyone else observed this behavior ?

When storage path is given exactly as in the docker command, Windows GUI stores directly in that folder while docker command has it stored inside “storage” folder. This is why I was seeing zero stats for my node like it was new.

Yes, you should point to the storage folder

I understand that now but Windows GUI should behave same way docker did so its a smooth transition. I got 3 files stored outside storage folder because of this forcing me to revert back to docker.

loose files or in folders? If in folders can they be copied to the right location?

No, they can’t, except blob, it could be moved without replacing existing files.

Lets hope that its blobs

Other files will be a database files, they can’t be moved without destroying the actual ones.
But you can carefully dump those databases and load those dumps to the actual databases respectively.
However those dumps must be cleared from sentences like drop database, drop table, etc. and from begin and rollback transactions before the load, almost as specified in the article:

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So far I don’t like Windows GUI.