Changelog v0.27.1

For Storage Node Operators

Storage node webUI improvements
We did a few changes on the storage node webUI. Don’t forget to to hit refresh (Crtl + F5)

For the last few weeks we tolerated a much higher audit error rate to avoid issues around disqualification. We used the time to fix a few bugs and with this release we change the settings back to the old disqualifcation rules. We are aware that a few storage nodes will get disqualified doing the next days.

Garbage Collection and Graceful Exit
Sorry both features are still disabled. We are doing our best to finish the final tests and reviews.

For Endusers

Now you can pay for the service with Storj tokens. The transaction history will show 0$ values. Don’t worry about that visual bug. The account balance is showing the correct values.

Password reset
Bug fixed. Password reset is working. The wording in the final confirmation message will get fixed with the next release.


Node is offline after update.

Two nodes updated via watchtower with no issues.


mine to working ok after manual upgrade

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Needed a docker restart to fix it.

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I had to make also restart, to fix offline node.But i am not sure than it gone offline after update.

Node works. WebUI looks strange…

Try CTRL+F5, fixed it for me.


Does this mean the uptime requirements are back in force? Or just is it just the audit error rate that has been changed back to its previous threshold?

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Wouldn’t deploying garbage collection before enforcing stricter audit rules have saved a few nodes that shouldn’t be carrying the data anyway?

How do we upgrade using the Windows installer?

It has Auto update, every 12h or something like that.

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The uptime requirement is still disabled. We disqualify storage nodes only for failing audits. Going offline to avoid responding to an audit doesn’t work. The containment mode will catch that and still disqualify for failing audits.

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Negative. In order to fail an audit the storage node must have dropped data that the satellite still has. Garbage collection works the other way around. In that case the satellite doesn’t have a piece, wouldn’t issue any audits for this piece but the storage node is still holding it without getting any payments for it. The satellite will send a garbage collection bloom filter to the storage node so that it can delete these pieces.


Is there any way I can confirm that my node was [not] disqualified please? (other then support ticket)
Found the answer here How does it look like in the Dashboard if Host is disqualified? :+1:
Does it appear in the api as well?

Open the webUI. You can’t miss the warning about disqualification :slight_smile:

Thanks for that description! Helps understand the network.

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Auto updated fine for me on Synology. Thanks for the CTRL-F5 comment, worked perfectly.

I like the new graphics on the Web Dashboard!

Things seem to be improving nicely.

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