Changelog v0.30.5

Preflight Check System Clock
On startup the storage node will compare its timestamp against all trusted satellite. A mismatch of more than 1h will result in an error message like system clock is off: clock off by 2.014611 If you are sure your system clock is correct but you still get that error message please tell us more about your setup Storage Node Preflight Checks. We would like to understand why this is happening. Don’t worry your storage node will still work. Only if your system clock is off by more than 24h the storage node will stop working.

Preflight Check SQL Databases
On startup the storage node will also check all SQL databases. The storage node will stop working if one of them is broken or has a wrong schema. In the current release the check is disabled. We are going to enable it with the next release. Please use the time to test your SQL databases by adding preflight.database-check: true to your config.yaml.

Uplink Access Management
Sharing access to a bucket, a folder or a file is now easier and better to understand. Uplink share will give a better feedback about the privileges of an access key. Uplink access inspect allows you to inspect an access key to see which information it contains. Uplink import lets you import an access key in order to use it. Last but not least we renamed --scope into --access.

Satellite Performance Improvements
During our cockroach migration tests we discovered many performance bottlenecks. We fixed them one by one. The cockroach migration is on hold. We are in contact with the cockroach team to work on some solutions to some technical difficulties. The performance fixes are working with postgres as well. One of the fixes requires a short downtime on each satellite. (I am aware that this information is kind of useless because we usually publish the changelog after updating all satellites)


With the next release we will enable the preflight database check and we will make the clock check more restrictive. Don’t start the storage node if the clock is off by more than 30 minutes.

Will there be log entries for database checks in next release ?

No. We want to cut the release branch in a few hours. I understand that it would be nice to have but we also have many other commits that are not merged yet. I will have a long evening to keep track of all that. I don’t think I will find the time to get to “nice to have”