Changelog v1.13.1

For Storage Nodes

Audit and Suspension Score Overview
On the storage node dashboard you will now see the audit and suspension score for all satellites on one screen. A score lower than 76% will be displayed as a yellow warning. A score lower than 60% will be displayed in red.

Payout History
In the last release the payout history was showing the first payout by default. Now it will show the latest payout by default.

For Customers
We are working on a new design for the satellite UI. You can already see the new UI structure. Some of the colors are currently wrong. We are going to fix that with the following release in 2 weeks.


Thanks for the great dashboard improvements. Can hardly wait for my other nodes to upgrade to v1.13.1

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That was a great QoL improvement for SNOs, can’t believe nobody else commented on this. But the loading screen… for the love of god…

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i hate the loading screen especially that it pops up sometimes when it really wasn’t needed… maybe my system is slow or something… but didn’t seem that slow before the loading screen lol

and in regard to comments… i think it may have to do with the many people having update issues on windows when upgrading to 1.13.1, seems to stall the service and has to be manually restarted.

also v1.13.1 hasn’t been released to docker yet… so lots of people waiting for it still…
i look forward to seeing the new features in action. should be out any day now i think

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Qol? Can you please specify? I’m still waiting for the update on my 4 windows nodes…

QoL would be Quality of Life, at least if you lived inside a room with monitors and SNOBoard was the thing you looked at whole day. So, a metaphor.

Gotcha :grin:
Because in my language (IT) I knew QoS and DoS not QoL :smiley:


Why don’t they remove the loading screen? Probably someone senior in engineering created that loading screen, and now won’t acknowledge that it was mistake and remove it :joy:


They promised to remove/adjust it soon… well that was a few releases ago.

For me it seems with the v1.12.3 release that the loading screen doesn’t stay around any longer than needed (previously appeared to be locked to a minimum amount of time), which is a welcome update from v1.11.1. But there are still certain elements that probably don’t need the loading wheel to pop up for.

1.12.3 still loads exactly as long as always for me, which is 1.5 spins even for changing a satellite.

I agree with the use of some kind of loading indicator, even though browsers have their own, it’s a nice touch, but not one that covers what you’re trying to load, might as well not have it then!

Having that spinner overlayed on the top center of the page, like in Android apps, would looks very professional too, but still allow you to use the page.

didn’t mention ZoL… that’s downright blasphemy

Is this version was released?
I see already anouncement about v.13.3, but my node still runs 12.3 after 10days of “realeasing” 13.1.

We had to stop the release of v1.13.1 due to bugs that caused issues. We fixed them in v1.13.3 with is rolling out currently. I expect that the full rollout is achieved by 6PM UTC tomorrow.


Thanks for info,

when will be docker version release please ? in 10 days after Windows release or early ?

Thanks for your time.

I am not sure where you got the 10 days from, but the docker images are pushed when the 100% rollout is reached.


well for the past four releases my .exe node updates on the tenth day after the release and the docker node on the eleventh day just saying :upside_down_face:

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