Changelog v1.19.6

For Storage Nodes

CA Certificates
Last release some storage nodes had issues getting the trusted satellite list. We updated our build process to make sure the docker container contains up to date ca-certificates.

New Trusted Satellite
Soon a new trusted satellite will be added to the network. We are working on multipart support. This is a bigger refactoring and we want to get customer feedback as early as possible. The best way to do that was to spin up a new satellite and work on the migration of the old satellites later. See New Satellite! for more details.

For Customers

Satellite UI Access Grant Wizard
It is now possible to generate an access grant directly on the satellite UI without having to use uplink share. The access grant is generated on the client-side inside your browser. Your encryption passphrase will not leave your browser. You can skip entering the encryption passphrase and continue using the CLI if you are worried that the passphrase could get compromised. The satellite UI supports all possible access grant restrictions except prefixes down to a folder level.

Uplink CLI Access Grant Wizard
We added a few additional commands to the uplink share command. See [UPDATE] We've launched Linkshare short URLs and static site hosting! for more details.


@jocelyn new year comes with new challenges. I am unable to add the official-changelog tag. What I am doing wrong this time?

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what lol. I dont know , did you break it?

ETA – hmm, same behavior here, when I try. I will check into this

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@littleskunk I think it should work for you now, just confirm

new update has strange file name in container storagenode_windows.exe
it shold be storagenode.exe?

I still can’t add a tag :confused:

Edit: Now its working. Thank you very much.

Fixed. Try again. …and 20 chars…

For docker is a new storjlabs/storagenode:latest image available :wink:

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My docker nodes that are on the latest tag were just updated by watchtower.

My uptime and audit percentages were reset during the upgrade.
I had a few numbers that were at 99% but after update everything shows 100%.
PI 4 arm 32 raspian, 1.8.1 -> 1.9.6

I thought I saw this on a previous update to but not sure