Changelog v1.20.2

For Storage Nodes

Overused Disk Space
The storage node dashboard will now show overused disk space instead of negative free space.

Query Uptime History
In one of the following releases, the uptime history will be visible on the storage node dashboard. For now you can get the uptime history from the storage node dashboard API. You will find the auditHistory under api/sno/satellite/<satelliteID>. It will print out something like {"windowStart":"2020-12-17T12:00:00Z","totalCount":19,"onlineCount":18} for the last 30 days with an interval of 12 hours.

For Customers

Small Scalability Improvements
A few releases ago we introduced a new traffic accounting system. The new system is able to process orders without having to store serial numbers in the database. With this release, we stop using the serial number table, and soon we are going to delete the table from the database. This should allow us to process more orders with less metadata overhead.


Estimated Payout
I also noticed that I forgot to mention the payout estimation on the storage node dashboard that was introduced in v1.19. If you take a look at your payout dashboard you should find an estimation about the expected payout for the current month if the load keeps the same.


One small note about auditHistory - the final (latest) window is not used in calculating your node’s onlineScore, since it is incomplete. So if you are trying to manually calculate your online score to validate, do not include the final window.


I got this update from docker last night. (For the manual updaters)