Changelog v1.22.2

Sure, but that’s only a weird limitation of that service.

you simply add two entries for the same port, it’s common in some NAT configurations… depends a bit on the software

Where should be visible this information?
I don’t receive a payments anymore as well there are no information on what’s going on. Is there any place where i can see this ?

The Minimum Threshold for Storage Node Operator Payouts is applied, so your earnings is accumulated to the level when they would be in 4 times greater than a fee to transfer them.

This information you can see via storagenode’s API: http://localhost:14002/api/heldamount/paystubs/2021-01
To the dashboard UI it should be added in next releases.

would be nice if the notifications on the storagenode dashboard was working again…
worked or didn’t work for a while and then just stopped… now it never shows anything relevant…
it’s a real pity because it’s the obvious way to get into contract with the storagenode operators that are basically ghosts.

and can’t really be that hard to setup some site or database that the dashboard gets its notifications from so it’s easy to change and update important information… or simply just show recent version…

just imagine on all the time saved collectively from answering repeated questions by worried SNO’s
i know it seems trivial but it adds up…


Did I miss a change regarding garbage collection? There was like 50GB of trash on my node 3 or 4 days ago and now it’s gone. Did I miss having so much trash before or was the 7 days changed?

It turns out it was a brilliant idea to keep the trash for 7 days. We found a bug in the new multipart upload code. Saltlake testing stallite was sending out a bad bloom filter. To solve that problem we had to call restore from trash. So that is what you have seen on your storage node.


Would a restore call show up in log ?

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Not on the storage node side. We have logs about the successful execution on the satellite side including every storagenodeID


I just updated the earnings calculator to include this information.


Nothing better than a little backup in the back room. :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you. Your full link is clear :slight_smile:

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Is the rmem_max value the same as filestore.write-buffer-size for the Docker containers (my launch script already sets this to a larger value for my SMR drives)? Also, should the documentation be updated to notify when installing that this needs to be changed or can the application automatically check and change this to a recommended value?

No, it’s a different values - the first one is kernel-related,

the second one is a software related.
It will be documented when the feature is ready and tested.

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I hope tcp only connection will be also supported.
There are cases when tcp port forwarding is working fine but tcp + udp looks really tough to setup. At least in my case.

Tough in what way? From the network setup perspective, the change from TCP to TCP+UDP rules is as simple as switching a value from TCP to TCP+UDP in most cases, at worst you need another rule. At least in any router I’ve ever seen.

It is a bit more complex when you don’t have static ip.
I might start searching for good vpn options if tcp only connection that I have won’t work. If actually vpn will be a working option.

Best :grinning::grinning::grinning:
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Awesome! :+1:

I think most don’t have static IP here. I’m without a static IP and the TCP vs TCP+UDP setup is identical…

Amazing. Where do I press for bonus points here?