Changelog v1.25.2

For Storage Nodes

Linux Installer Preview
The first version of the linux installer is ready. We would love to get your feedback on it. For more details see [Tech Preview] Linux Installer


Multipart Upload Support on all Satellites
The last customer-facing satellite was migrated to the new multipart code this weekend. That means gateway-mt can now be used in combination with all customer-facing satellites.
(The last few test satellites should get migrated this week)


The changelog is short this time. We spend most of our time to migrate the satellites one by one to the new multipart code. As of now the new multipart code is merged into our main branch :slight_smile:


That is a super sweet addition to the product though! Time well spent.

Will soon migrate my file sync setup to Tardigrade now that this is available! Backups are already there.


Please keep in mind that gateway-mt is server-side encrypted. We still have to make the tradeoffs more clear in the frontend.


When container will be updated? I see my node still on 1.24.4

Hi treawlont. Docker images get the update after the windows/linux binary updates are complete. This usually happens 7 days after the changelog goes up. If you are using watchtower for updates, it could be 12-72 hours after that that your docker node is updated. So you should be updated 7-10 days after the changelog is posted.


only for info

published 18 hours ago
some my docker nodes have 1.25.2 and no issue (updated with watchtower)