Changelog v1.26.3

Krystof, on what platform did it come out? I am on Qnap and still nothing, but I think I have a problem with the watchtower …

You dont have problem with watchtower just wait…(if you setup watchtower with documentation)
Dont restart watchtower… Dont recreate watchtower…

Watchtower will look for new updates to the Docker container on Docker Hub in a random interval between 12 and 72 hours and automatically update your storage node when it sees a new version.

If watchtower dont update your node after 69 hours from now you have problem but now you dont have problem

I have 26 nodes and only 1 updated so its OK
I run storagenodes on synology, notebooks with ubuntu…


26 nodes!?! Woh … You’re a Storj shareholder :wink:


90% are about 3 months old… So now I am not :grinning:


No, he’s a Storj pieceholder. :wink:

Sorry, I had to.


Changelog topic for v1.27.6 missing. :grin:
Tried to make a new topic but impossible for me.

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Well yes, I realize that now. xD

Randomly stumbled upon this thread. How does QUIC go now in terms of speed?