Changelog v1.26.3

For Storage Nodes

zkSync on Dashboard
In the previous release, we added a link to zkSync in the payout history. Now we have also added a link on the main dashboard right below the payout address. You can use that to verify that you have opted into zkSync.

Downtime Suspension
As a reminder downtime suspension has been enabled: Enabling Downtime Suspension, March 22, 2021

For Customers

Free Tier
New customers now get 3 projects with 50 GB each as a free tier. That is a total of 150 GB of free usage every month. The messages in the satellite UI are not all updated yet. We will correct that with a following release. We also plan to give the same free tier to all existing users with a following release.


@littleskunk Could you please tell me more about this feature?

I can give a short overview what we found out so far.

QUIC is not as fast as we thought it would be. We added a feature flag into the uplink binary in order to double check our test results in production. I would not recommend any customer to use it yet.

We are also looking into some similar UDP based protocols to get an better understanding which one works best for us. So short version: More research needed.


Thanks a lot for your explain! I always like your clear explanation :slight_smile:

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I tried to update my node on Qnap, but the watchtower doesn’t work and the manual update reinstalls me 1.25.2

I think you are new. Storj implements rolling updates so as long as you got watchtower it will update automatically. GUI nodes are updated first then docker nodes.

Thanks to the immediate response. Yes, I’m new.

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Hey I manually upgrade my nodes and the Doesn’t seem to work as the file within isn’t .exe and even when I overwrite it windows sees it as not signed and doesn’t allow it to execute

Oh nice. That happens if you open a PR and just forget to merge it: jenkins/build: fix file extension for msi package by littleskunk · Pull Request #4063 · storj/storj · GitHub

I corrected my mistake. Please try again.