Enabling Downtime Suspension, March 22, 2021

Node operators,

We are turning on downtime suspension in the March 22, 2021 release.

What this means for you:
Once your node has accumulated 30 days of audit history, it will be eligible for evaluation.
After this point, if its online score is found to be below a given threshold (currently 0.6), it will be suspended.
That means no further uploads, and pieces might be repaired off the node. Downloads requests will still occur as long as the satellite has been able to contact it within the last 4 hours.
Suspended nodes can still come back. The node will continue to be audited, and once the online score returns to the acceptable range, it will no longer be suspended.
See the design section of this document for more info: https://github.com/storj/storj/blob/e24262c2c9d7b2d48897d0de767f8012d95c444c/docs/blueprints/storage-node-downtime-tracking-with-audits.md

Note that we will NOT be turning on disqualification for downtime at this time.


is it will be 19.4 or more newer version?
as 19.4 is already in github, but update is not turned on i version.storj.io

No, it is not in the current release

How much time does it take to go below 0.6 online score with current settings?

pretty sure that means 60%
so about the same as it is now… 288 hours aka 12 days of downtime to be suspended.

With this system it isn’t quite measured in amount of time offline, but in the percentage of offline audits over a period of time.

I think this might help to give a quick idea of how it works https://documentation.storj.io/resources/faq/how-the-online-score-is-calculated?_ga=2.78038100.1502916438.1609170943-83731670.1597178930

So as @SGC says, if you have been online for every single audit so far, i.e. you have 100% online score, it would take 12 days of 0 online audits to go from 100% to 60%


i did test it a bit… it was fairly accurate on my 14.4 tb node.
ofc the smaller the node the less accurate it will be, but i was surprised on just how accurate it was.


Title says pre Bitcoin era :slight_smile: @jocelyn :coffee: :cake:

Thank you, fixed. But maybe it was an Easter egg :thinking: