Changelog v1.33.1

For Storage Nodes

Multinode Dashboard Backwards Compatibility
We skipped the storage node version v1.32 because it was breaking the multinode dashboard. The issue is not fully resolved. The multinode dashboard will show some incorrect data as long the storage node is not updated to v1.33 but for the most part, the multinode dashboard will work just fine even in combination with an old storage node version.

Multinode Dashboard Payout Details
Last release we introduced the payout page to the multinode dashboard. If you want more details you can now click on one storage node and the multinode dashboard will show you the paid download traffic, used space, and everything else that you know from the old storage node dashboard. Please be aware that this feature requires the storage node to be updated to v1.33. As long as the storage node is running v1.31 the payout detail page will show incorrect values.