Changelog v1.37.1

For Storage Nodes

Bugfix Delete Transactions
We found a bug in the satellite code. If a customer deletes a file the satellite was sending a lot of delete messages to the storage nodes but keeps the delete transaction pending. If a timeout or something else happens the delete transaction inside the satellite db might get rolled back. Now we would have the situation that the pieces have been deleted from the storage node side but the satellite still has the file in its database and continues sending audits. The solution for this is to always commit the database transaction before sending out the delete messages to the storage nodes. That way around we can avoid that situation.

For Customers

Reduce Project Limits
We have increased the default limits for all paid tier users (old accounts). The new limit is 25 TB used space and 100TB download traffic per project. This does mean if you share a file and it gets downloaded a lot you might get an invoice over 100 TB download traffic. To avoid this situation you can now change your project limit on the project details page. Just set it to a value that you feel comfortable with.

Coupon Code Visibility
In the previous release, we added a coupon code functionality. The only issue was that the user was unable to tell if the coupon code was accepted or not. Any active coupon should now be visible on the billing page.


Do we update to v1.37.2 or is it just for the uplink?