Changelog v1.39.5

For Customers

Pending Multipart Cleanup
The satellite has now a job that cleans up pending multipart uploads older than 24 hours. A successful part upload will reset the timer. You can continue the multipart upload as long as you upload at least one part every 24 hours. If you need a longer period for your use case please let us know.
We test this new job on the test satellites first and later we want to enable it on all satellites.

Problems with OSX Binaries
We have a problem with OSX Binaries (uplink, identity, multinode) and haven’t published v1.38 for that reason. As a workaround for this release, we disabled OSX binaries and upload the old v1.37 binaries instead. There are no important changes. The only impact should be a different version number.


Any timeline for updater and unattended operation instructions for FreeNAS?

us-2 is down guys 108 hours

US2 is the QA and test satellite. There was an issue with the new satellite code which is being worked on.

QA is a different satellite that is not in the trusted satellite list.

Ah ok. So what’s up with US2?

Nothing. My storage node is in contact with US2.

Maybe just the 3rd party stats site then -


They’re still checking the old domain. hasn’t been the correct domain for a long time and I noticed that domain was taken offline. It should be . The satellite is fine and up and running.

I was also still monitoring the old domain in uptime robot and noticed the same thing, but after correcting the domain it shows it’s doing just fine.