Changelog v1.45.3

For Customers

  • Project dashboard
    We keep improving the dashboard and this time we want to add allocated bandwidth and settled bandwidth. Currently the work still in progress and you can leave your feedback here
  • Segment fee
    Starting from January we plan to charge a fee per each segment. The segment fee is $0.0000088 per Segment-Month
  • Uplinkng
    We added access inspect and share command to unlinkng functionality

So… Customers are not gonna be informed a few months before this comes into effect?
Isn’t that a dangerous move even though this fee is quite low?

I wouldn’t like that :confused:


This fee is actually here since the launch of Gateway-MT and new pricing model. Just this fee is not applied to your bills. But you can see your segments usage in the billing and in the invoices since October 2021 (the first invoice by November 2021).

See Usage Limit Increases - Storj DCS

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Storj should still notify users with an email and/or blog post about this since anything new in the bill will be assumed as “hey what are those new charges and why was I not notified before … where’s the transparency?”

Most users will be busy with family celebrating the holidays. They won’t be checking emails and new year with “extra” billing amount will not be a good start for them.

Even the documentation shows this.

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Segment fee in my opinion is not a good idea - I get the technical issue you are trying to address, but slapping fees on the segments feels not good, even if they are a few $ it is not a good message to customers - They only care about upload / download costs and cost per TB per month when comparing cloud offerings - while I’m sure this is not intention, it will be seen as stealth charging for early adopters who helped you grow - Maybe this acceptable in the America, but I don’t like the message it sends to customers :confused:

Segments is an issue with how the network runs, I don’t think making this a customer issue in the long term is a good marketing message - it’s an overhead cost, and something that Storj should factor into it’s running cost model.

I guess my question is now - Why charge for segments now ? what has changed that Storj feels this is a good decision for the networks growth and for SNOs.

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The section of the docs you are quoting specifically mentions “With default usage limits” - which means Free Account, which still will not charge any segment fee after the upcoming changes. Admittedly the wording is not as clear as it should be here. The segment fee will only impact Paid Account users. This statement is therefore still correct.

We are aware that there are other sections of the docs that need to be updated regarding description of segment fee, and are working on getting this done asap.